Print Setting POS

Print Setting in POS

You can configure the printing options for various documents, such as receipts, invoices, and reports. This allows you to customize the layout, design, and content of the printed documents. You can specify the printer to use, paper size, font style, logo inclusion, and other settings according to your preferences and business needs. By adjusting the print settings, you can ensure professional and accurate printing of documents in your POS operations.

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Main setting is the ability to edit the Purchase print setting and POS Print setting  you can tailor the printing configuration to suit your specific needs and enhance the overall printing experience in your ERP system.

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Adding point of sales

In the Point of Sale (POS) module, you can set up and manage your sales transactions. This includes creating a point of sale, adding products or services, and processing payments. The POS system provides an intuitive interface for smooth and efficient sales operations. You can track sales, generate invoices or receipts, manage inventory, and analyze sales performance. It streamlines the customer checkout process and enhances the overall sales experience.

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Manage Purchase

In the purchase management section, you can efficiently manage your purchases and supplier interactions. This includes creating purchase orders, tracking supplier invoices, and managing supplier payments. You can also view and analyze purchase history, monitor stock levels, and ensure timely procurement of goods and services. This section provides comprehensive tools for effective purchase management within the ERP system.