Staff Management

Keep track of personnel data effortlessly and easily. Utilize straightforward filter options to find employees, then change and maintain their data as needed.

HR Management

Quickly access vital information about each employee, such as attendance records, training records, payroll information and performance data.


Give each employee a position and set of permissions using the multi-user accounting tool. Control access and manage staff permissions.

Payroll Management

Make payroll processes more efficient. Payslips that are precise and timely will keep your staff happy. Fast and simple generation of bulk payments.

Project Management

Learn the status, cost, and deadline of your project. Get work done on schedule and under budget by managing priority tasks using a kanban board.

Task Management

Sort jobs according to type, due date, and priority. Take charge of your projects by adding a checklist to track your progress!

Project Timesheet

Keep track of deadlines - create a timesheet. Get an overview of how much time is left by keeping track of the time spent on each project.

Reports Management

To maintain track of your company's performance, get thorough reports in real time. Make data easier to grasp and act upon by using graphs and other visuals.

Project Tracking

Track the time spent on each project/task with the project tracker. The app records images to show time spent on a project.

Goal Tracking

Set objectives and keep a journey log. Maintain control and easily accomplish your goals by manually editing or updating your progress as you go!

Indicator Appraisal

Get a comprehensive picture of how your departments are performing. Real-time improvement area identification and process streamlining for enhanced performance

Goals and Notes

Have objectives in mind? The system will track your progress automatically when you set them up, allowing you to relax and take it all in.

Deal Management

In just a few seconds, get a thorough overview of all your deals. For better organization, assign tasks, goods, and users to each deal.

Sales Management

Maintain order in your sales process. Invoices, payments, costs, and credit notes may all be edited and managed with ease

Leads Management

Get up-to-the-minute information on leads produced by your marketing activities. View leads using the List or Kanban views. Create pipelines and phases to manage leads more effectively.

Product Management

Keep tabs on everything. Assign categories, purchase prices, sales prices, purchases, taxes, units, and product types to new products.

Estimates Management

Quickly and easily create new estimates for your projects. By giving each estimate a customer, a status, and an expiration date, managing estimates is made simple.

Inventory Management

Keep track of your inventory easily. Track your inventory levels in real time, receive alerts when levels are low, and adjust as necessary.

Events and Notice Board

Plan ahead for events. Make reminders for events, give them descriptions, and assign staff members to each. Users, clients, and staff can all receive notices from you.

Budget Planner

Maintain financial control! Get real-time updates on how well you're adhering to your budget after setting one. As often as necessary, edit and update the budget.

Contract Generator

Create enforceable contracts in a matter of seconds, then keep them all in one location for easy organization. Receive up-to-the-minute updates on the status of your contracts as well.

Customer Statement Report

Stop the headache of manually tracking customer statements. Obtain a summary of all orders, payments, and dealings with a client or vendor.


Communicate directly with your users and clients. You may do this to boost client happiness, speed up response times, and make more purchases.

Form Builder

Cut down on the time spent creating forms and streamline your company processes. Quickly add and manage different form fields.

Telegram Integration

Never again overlook a crucial notification! Receive project notifications that are sent instantly to your Telegram application.

Slack Integration

Receive updates in real time about business actions in your Slack conversations. Set up future message delivery and alerts for critical updates.

Zoom Integration

Stop using multiple platforms for online meetings. Zoom meetings may be easily scheduled, and the attendees and details are synced with your calendar.

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