Zoom Meeting

Setting up Zoom Meeting

In the ERP system, you have the ability to set up Zoom meetings for various purposes such as virtual conferences, team meetings, or client discussions. This feature allows you to seamlessly integrate Zoom functionality within the ERP platform, eliminating the need for separate scheduling and coordination.

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Step 1: Click the "Create" Button

 STEP 2: Create New Meeting

After clicking the create button, you can proceed to create a new meeting by following these steps:

  1. Enter the title or subject of the meeting.
  2. Select the project to associate the meeting with, if applicable.
  3. Choose the user or users who will be attending the meeting.
  4. Specify the start date and time of the meeting.
  5. Set the duration or expected length of the meeting.
  6. Optionally, provide a password for the meeting if it requires restricted access.
  7. Decide whether to enable or disable synchronization with Google Calendar.
  8. Click the create button to schedule the meeting.

This allows for effective planning and coordination of meetings within the ERP system, ensuring that relevant project stakeholders are involved and that meeting details are synchronized with external calendars if desired.

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