Product and Services

Setting up the Product and Services

You have the ability to create and manage the various offerings of your organization. This includes both physical products and intangible services that your business provides to customers. When creating a new product or service, you can input details. This allows you to accurately represent and categorize your offerings.

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STEP 1: Click on "Create" Button

STEP 2: Create New Product and Services

Once you click the create button in the product and services section, you can proceed to set up a new product or service using the following steps:

  1. Enter the name of the product or service.
  2. Specify a unique SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) for inventory tracking, if applicable.
  3. Provide a description that accurately describes the product or service.
  4. Set the sale price, which is the price at which the product or service will be sold to customers.
  5. Specify the purchase price, which is the cost of acquiring the product or service.
  6. Determine the applicable tax for the product or service, if any.
  7. Assign a category to the product or service to help organize and group similar items together.
  8. Specify the unit of measurement for the product, such as pieces, kilograms, or hours, depending on the nature of the offering.
  9. Optionally, add an image that represents the product visually.
  10. Choose the type of the offering, whether it is a physical product or an intangible service.
  11. If applicable, indicate the available quantity of the product or service.
  12. Finally, click the create button to finalize the setup and add the product or service to the system.

These steps allow you to accurately define and configure the products and services offered by your organization, ensuring proper management, tracking, and presentation to customers.

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STEP 3: "View, Edit or Delete" Button

Edit and delete

You also have the ability to edit or delete the existing products and services. Editing allows you to make changes to the details of a product or service, such as updating the name, description, pricing, quantity, or any other relevant information. Deleting a product or service removes it from the system, ensuring that it is no longer available for purchase or display. These editing and deletion options provide flexibility and control over the product and service offerings, allowing you to keep them up to date and aligned with your business needs.

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Viewing the products and services provides information such as their names, descriptions, prices, quantities, and other relevant details. This feature helps you stay informed about the products and services you offer and enables you to make informed decisions regarding inventory management, pricing strategies, and customer engagement.

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